Ancestry DNA Data Breach 

What You Need to Know 

What is a DNA data breach? 

– A DNA data breach is a type of data breach in which hackers gain access to sensitive genetic information. – This information can be used to identify individuals, track their movements, and even predict their risk of developing certain diseases.

What are the risks of a DNA data breach? 

– Identity theft – Discrimination – Unauthorized surveillance

How many people were affected by the Ancestry DNA data breach? 

 Over 6.9 million 23andMe user

What information was stolen in the Ancestry DNA data breach? 

– Users' ancestry information – Health-related information for some user

What can you do to protect your DNA data? 

– Be careful about who you share your DNA data with – Review your privacy setting – Be aware of the risk

What is Ancestry DNA doing to address the data breach? 

– The company has launched an investigation into the breach – Ancestry DNA is offering affected users free identity theft protection service

What should you do if you think your DNA data may have been compromised? 

– Contact Ancestry DNA – Monitor your credit report for signs of identity theft – Consider changing your password

What is the future of DNA data privacy? 

– It is important to legislate the collection, use, and storage of DNA data – Individuals need to be more aware of the risks of sharing their DNA data